Content Marketing Strategy and Why it’s Important in 2020 | Sep 15, 2020

Content is king in digital marketing. Consumers have become more revolutionized and demanding. They are slowly losing interest in sales pitches that only push them to buy a brand. They have now shifted focus to companies that deliver to relevant and valuable information. That is why content marketing is quickly gaining traction among marketers. Some have considered it the "only marketing left," and others regard it as the "future of marketing." There wouldn't be a better time to capitalize on content creation than in 2020. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to interact with... Read More >

What is Website Design? | Aug 19, 2020

The World of Website Design  Website design is the ultimate source of business promotion. Unlike the previous days of traditional copy magazine design, this process is virtually interactive and entirely practical.   There is much more than color, shape, depth, and size. Website design in today's cyber centered world incorporates concepts that immediately activate online users' interests. Consider these crucial elements:  . Contrast  . Space  . Balance  . Graphical layout  . Value  . Visual satisfaction   All of these elements and others combine to form a design that is attractive, promotional, and offers staying power in the minds of online users.   Thus... Read More >

Graphic Design Examples | Jul 07, 2020

How do you know when design is actually good? Design is good when I like it. Next question! Hold on Buckaroo. I’ll agree your opinion is as important and valid as the next person’s but just because you like something doesn’t actually make it good design. When you like or dislike design it is simply a reflection of your taste—which is formed by previous experiences typically. Liking a particular design is your personal opinion. And everyone in the world is entitled to one, but opinions hold about as much value as Monopoly money. But abstract art? Come on, that can’t... Read More >

How to Choose Brand Colors | Jul 07, 2020

What Can Brown Do for You? While it’s been several years since UPS used this as their slogan, the color brown is still very closely associated with their brand. You instantly know who you are dealing with when you see that brown uniform on your porch ringing your bell. Whether your brand has been around for years or you are contemplating starting a new one, here are some considerations concerning color as it relates to your brand image. Color Matters Let’s start with the first major obstacle for many people. Color is important. Colors communicate subtle and not so subtle... Read More >

What Is SEO Marketing? | Jun 29, 2020

SEO Marketing So what Is SEO Marketing? – Well, the short answer to this question is this. Doing everything possible to get your site to the top of Google search results. When someone searches for your business or what you are selling online. Simple right! Actually it’s not so easy, and we could write volumes on the subject. Indeed many have, but for the sake of this article. We want to cover only the basics of SEO marketing to get you more familiar with it. Also, we will be focusing just on Google as our search engine. Because, with about... Read More >