Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Right For Your Business? | Jan 27, 2021

Google Ads Or Facebook Ads? Google ads are paid advertisements that are offered by Google. These Google ads often appear when one uses the Google search engine. The paid ad is part of the search results that will pop up on Google advertising is centered on keywords. A Facebook ad, on the other hand, is advertising on the social app. Your ad targets people who are interested in the kind of content you are advertising. Therefore, your target audience finds you. For instance, when you sell shoes, Google will show your ad to people who like shoes without searching... Read More >

What is a Google Algorithm Update? | Dec 30, 2020

Google's algorithm is used to deliver you the best possible search results for a query. It uses a combination of smaller algorithms and ranking signals to match your search queries with web pages that match your search's intent. It is essential to understand Google's algorithm updates to optimize your site properly. Google's algorithm is continuously improving and goes through thousands of small changes every year. Most of these changes are so small that they go unnoticed by even search professionals. However, about four times a year, Google unveils a major core update that can shift how a website needs to... Read More >

Why Your Business Should be Advertising on Facebook | Nov 11, 2020

When it comes to social media, new platforms are popping up every day. So it's not surprising that many business owners are concerned about where they should spend most of their advertising efforts. This is especially the case when it comes to older sites like Facebook. Facebook is a platform that's been around since 2004. However, this social media website still holds a considerable amount of value. Let's take a moment to discuss  how to advertise on Facebook and why your business should be advertising on the platform.  1. Wide Reach One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook... Read More >

Content Marketing Strategy and Why it’s Important in 2020 | Sep 15, 2020

Content is king in digital marketing. Consumers have become more revolutionized and demanding. They are slowly losing interest in sales pitches that only push them to buy a brand. They have now shifted focus to companies that deliver to relevant and valuable information. That is why content marketing is quickly gaining traction among marketers. Some have considered it the "only marketing left," and others regard it as the "future of marketing." There wouldn't be a better time to capitalize on content creation than in 2020. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to interact with... Read More >

What is Website Design? | Aug 19, 2020

The World of Website Design  Website design is the ultimate source of business promotion. Unlike the previous days of traditional copy magazine design, this process is virtually interactive and entirely practical.   There is much more than color, shape, depth, and size. Website design in today's cyber centered world incorporates concepts that immediately activate online users' interests. Consider these crucial elements:  . Contrast  . Space  . Balance  . Graphical layout  . Value  . Visual satisfaction   All of these elements and others combine to form a design that is attractive, promotional, and offers staying power in the minds of online users.   Thus... Read More >