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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Social Media Strategy

Every Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

 If you’re in public for more than five minutes, you’ll notice that most people are using their smartphones. Social media has become a significant and influential part of people’s lives, and businesses that capitalize on that free advertising are a step ahead of the competition. Being on social media is essential. A strategy is essential to a successful social media presence for your business. You may not be sure what a social media strategy is, so let’s start there.  

What is a Social Media Strategy?

 Posting on social media randomly will not be effective. A strategy is essential to making the most out of your time creating social media content for each platform. Social media platforms are a lot more complex than they may seem. Each social media platform allows users to interact differently. It is important to understand how users interact with the platform itself and other users on the platform. You want to know that you’re posting the right content, in the right place, and at the right time, instead of posting ineffectively. Understanding how social media works and creating a beneficial plan for your business is not only a smart move; it’s essential in today’s world. 

Why You Need a Social Media Strategy

what is a social media strategyPotential Customers

 There are over 3 billion active social media users. That’s a plethora of potential customers for your business! In fact, over 78% of people use social media. Advertising needs to be done where your customers are. You wouldn’t create a billboard and then place it behind trees where no one would see it. You’d place it at a busy intersection or on a major highway. Advertising is an integral part of your business, and one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise your business is on social media. 

 That’s not to say when running your business’s social media account you should push your product or service at people all the time. Social media platforms are relationship-driven. Part of your strategy needs to involve engaging social media users how they want to be engaged. When you interact with them human-to-human, you build more credibility and trust.

Get Data on Your Audience

 Social media platforms have different ways of allowing your audience to engage with you, but all have specific ways you can collect data. On some platforms, you’ll be able to run polls to find out things like what your audience wants to hear from you, which products your audience is the most curious about, or what kind of sale they would most like to see. 

 You also have ways of seeing how different posts are performing through platform analytics, and with this data, you can discover what works and what to post more of in the future. You can see which of your posts are falling flat and find ways to revamp or eliminate them to engage your audience better.


 Having a social media strategy in place eliminates the guesswork and the need to be online constantly. Once you have a strategy, you can create and schedule a month’s worth of posts or more at once and let your social media work for you. You can have a set time each day that you check in on your posts and interact with your audience on them, but planning out and scheduling all of the posts in advance can help you cut back on wasted time.

Increase Brand Awareness

 While you are increasing credibility with your audience, you’re also increasing brand awareness. As your customers see your logo, your name, and your products more and more, you become a figure that stands out in their minds. When you get that kind of awareness, recognition sets in, and you become more of a go-to brand. Brand awareness helps set you apart from your competitors as you begin to stand out in people’s minds.

Convert Followers to Customerswhy you need a social media strategy

 Once you have gained trust with your audience by showing up regularly and providing value, they’re ready to try your product or service. Social selling occurs on a social media platform. Every time you post and interact with your followers on social media, you should see that opportunity as having the potential to convert them to being a customer. When your posts cause your audience to want to learn more about you and your product, you end up driving traffic to your website, boosting your search engine ranks, and converting followers into customers.

Seems a little overwhelming? Don’t worry!  Krush can help you work out your plan. Contact us on our website or call (405) 603-5355 to create your unforgettable social media strategy together. Before you know it, your brand’s social media presence will be transformed! 

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