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You’ll see proof in our media case studies that there is a formula for building the right reach and frequency for different types of media. Our media team buys all digital media from the publishers or direct from the ad exchanges and networks, eliminating 3rd party service middlemen.

We control, monitor, and optimize your media buys in-house.  We optimize in real-time, never losing sight of attaining the best CPM’s (cost per thousand) for your campaigns, and progress against your advertising goals.

direct response campaigns
mister sparky electricians

media case studies + creative samples

Mister Sparky is the original client Krush partnered with for services. Over the years, we deployed SEM, SEO, both digital and traditional media, social media, and email or text marketing to drive leads. We’ve spent time driving leads for recruitment campaigns as well.

The franchise cluster has experienced over 2,000% revenue growth over the past 8 years, plus expansion across 5 new states (and counting).

recruitment campaign
casa of oklahoma county

media case studies + creative samples

Casa of Oklahoma County achieved 120% of the overall recruitment goal. In addition, we broadened the demographics/psychographics of the typical volunteer to better match the children serviced. As a result, the total campaign increased volunteers by 27% YTY.

The campaign included digital display, social media, OOH, SEM, and pre-roll video. We designed long-format videos, landing pages, and over 10 target audience sets with a/b creative. Then we tested and tracked for conversion performance.

120% of the goal was achieved

The state CASA followed suit with mimicked tactics and copied the creative assets to drive the statewide campaign. In addition, CASA national asked representatives from our campaign to train on digital advertising best practices for other state branches.