Does Your Website Need Quality Content? | Sep 19, 2018

Is your website the on-line brochure for your business? I meet many people that say yes and the truth be told, I used to agree. But let’s walk through that on-line brochure of yours and determine what is really going on from your customer’s perspective. We love SEO…. well actually let’s just say we enjoy doing it when we get to see our desired outcome become reality. As a SEO strategist we have to think like a customer. We think about the needs of the customer, motivation of the customer and search habits of the customer…. But when we really... Read More >

Thumbtack | Sep 19, 2018

Advertising Visit us at Thumbtack. You can learn more about our services and ideas. Read More >

What Is Seo Anyway? | Sep 19, 2018

At Krush Digital, we have gone through phases on what we thought SEO was, is or will become. At one time we really thought it was the future of marketing… then we moved on to thinking it was voodoo and other bull that really didn’t do what it was supposed to for the amount people paid. Now we’ve matured a little and really liken SEO to prepping your business for a competition. You have put your heart, soul and pocket book into building your business. You chose the right architect, best design to represent your brand, got the right colors... Read More >

Consumer Decisions And Digital | Sep 19, 2018

How does Krush fit into this great city of Oklahoma City? Well we’re the new kid on the block. But you know us because our people have grown professionally for many years in the advertising industry. We love marketing and advertising. We have spent years learning how to maximize print, during the big newspaper days and love how we help businesses grow with radio and television commercials and a good PR campaign. But times have changed and we know advertising in Oklahoma City needs a great face-lift too. People don’t learn about brands and services the same as they did... Read More >