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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Google Ads Or Facebook Ads?

Google ads are paid advertisements that are offered by Google. These Google ads often appear when one uses the Google search engine. The paid ad is part of the search results that will pop up on Google advertising is centered on keywords.

A Facebook ad, on the other hand, is advertising on the social app. Your ad targets people who are interested in the kind of content you are advertising. Therefore, your target audience finds you. For instance, when you sell shoes, Google will show your ad to people who like shoes without searching for shoes when you use Facebook ads.

We are going to highlight some differences and positive impacts of Google ads vs Facebook ads. While also answering questions like how do Facebook ads work and what is Google AdWords. The main difference between Google and Facebook ads is Facebook ads will show your business to new potential clients, while Google AdWords allows new clients to find your business.

a graphic showing what is google adwordsAdvantages of Using Google Ads for Your Business

Using Google ads for your business has several advantages. From increasing your business’ visibility to having free available tools like Google My Business. Listed are a few of the benefits of using Google ads.


Google is the most popular search engine, which translates to the vast audience you will reach if you advertise your business using Google ads. When coming up with your digital marketing strategy, Google has to be among the top platforms you consider using. There are various other search engines, but Google offers a broader potential customer base.


Google ads provide a wide range of options for businesses that may want to use their services. For instance, you can add your precise location, have your contact information on there, including your opening and closing hours, target the local population with your ads, and a review page, which can help boost your credibility.

You can even include a street view of your business’s location, helping people quickly find you. Google has also introduced advertisement formats tailored for specific companies. There is so much that one can do when using Google ads.


Thorough research and mastering of keywords will ensure that your ad stays at the top of the search results. Contrary to popular belief that the more you pay, the more relevant your ad will stay. Google lets you design your ad and customize it to appeal to your customers. The more specific your keywords are, the higher chances your ad will stay at the top of the search engine.

a graphic showing how do facebook ads workAdvantages of Using Facebook Ads for Your Business

Facebook ads also have various advantages, provided you know your way around Facebook. However, a Facebook ad manager can help you manage your ads if you are not conversant with how Facebook ads work. Listed below are some of the advantages of using Facebook ads.

Vast Audience

Facebook, just like Google, has a vast audience. Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms. Most people wonder how Facebook advertising works. Well, it is pretty simple. Users upload details of their lives on Facebook, making it easier for a business to reach the desired target audience.

All one needs to know is their target audience’s location, interests, gender, occupation, and lifestyle. They can fill in this information on the kind of audience they would like their ad to be shown. It is almost unbelievable how effective this is. Alternatively, one could create their ad to target people similar to their followers who like to consume the content they put out. With the massive number of Facebook users, a business can gain customers a lot faster.


Facebook is a visual platform. Great visuals provide businesses with the advantage of gaining more customers because people like to buy something they can see pictures of. Seeing an image on your feed will more likely catch your attention than just seeing plain text with no visual images. Facebook provides advertisers with this advantage.

Visuals are a natural clickbait element. However, ensure that the products you have match the pictures on your feed. You do not want customers leaving reviews about how your products look nothing like what is on the images posted, as this will hurt your business.

Return On Investment

Facebook ads have to be one of the most affordable ads there are out there. How much you pay for an ad will be influenced by different factors such as your campaign objectives, messaging, and scope. But in general, the ads are quite affordable. You get your return on investment and so much more. If you have carefully tailored your ad, you will be able to gain more customers and potential customers from your ad, adequate visibility, and if you sell products, you will be able to make sales.

So, between Google ads vs Facebook ads, which one should you use for your business? As much as people pitch these two platforms against each other, we believe that businesses should use them to complement each other. Look at what they are both offering and think about how much more you will achieve if you use both platforms.

While both Google ads and Facebook ads are great on their own, when used together, you are not only able to reach a larger audience, but you are also able to get more results with both apps than you would with one. Where one app cannot deliver the desired results, another app will.

Should you decide to use both platforms for your business, you need to develop different strategies for each of these platforms. While it is essential to stay consistent, it is also vital to know how each platform works and maximize the results they deliver. Use both platforms to enhance your business’ visibility and customer base.

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