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Why Your Business Should be Advertising on Facebook

When it comes to social media, new platforms are popping up every day. So it’s not surprising that many business owners are concerned about where they should spend most of their advertising efforts. This is especially the case when it comes to older sites like Facebook. Facebook is a platform that’s been around since 2004. However, this social media website still holds a considerable amount of value. Let’s take a moment to discuss  how to advertise on Facebook and why your business should be advertising on the platform. 

1. Wide Reach

One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook is that it exposes businesses to a huge audience. According to research, Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide–making it the largest user base online. Not only is the audience large, but it’s made up of a diverse demographic.

While the majority of Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 34, the older demographics are the fastest growing on the platform. This makes it easy for companies to find their ideal customer, no matter who they are hoping to target.

Krush Digital shows you how to advertise on social media2. Caters to All Funnel Stages

For businesses that are interested in full-funnel targeting, there’s no better option than Facebook. Whether the potential customer is casually searching for information about the niche or on an active hunt for a specific product, Facebook has the measurement capabilities, targeting options, and ad formats to cater to them.

Users can become aware of a company through the platform’s sponsored stories and video ads. They can become more informed about the company’s product or services through posts that can lead back to the company’s website. Customers can also make purchases with the help of conversion campaigns.

3. Segmenting

One of the best parts about this platform is that it gives business owners a considerable amount of control when it comes to audience targeting. Which users are fans of the brand? Which users have a general interest based on their behavior? Which users have visited the brand’s site before? This set of criteria can help the business owner to weed out the users who are worth targeting and retargeting. And this inevitably cuts down on the amount of time and money spent on A/B testing.

4. Razor Sharp Targeting

Demographics can be a great predictor of what a customer needs and wants. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not every individual in a specific demographic leads the same lifestyle. That’s why the most experienced business owners work to target certain parts of a demographic. And this is what Facebook is best at. It allows businesses to target based on unique characteristics such as hobbies, life events, and interests.

5. Competition and Similar Audiences

While Facebook may not allow businesses to target the fans of other companies, they do permit businesses to target users who show interest in certain brands. This can be incredibly effective if the user’s settings are up-to-date. Essentially, it means that brands can tap into these audiences at little to no cost.

6. Multiple Ad Formats

When it comes to ad formats, the number of options available on Facebook are unlike any other platform. There are 10 different formats. Companies can choose image and video ads based on what stage of the funnel the user is in. And each option gives the company the ability to use visuals and text to further describe the business. Not only that, but these posts can be boosted for further engagement.

7. Direct Traffic

As mentioned earlier, posting on Facebook can help businesses to drive traffic directly to their website. While a lot of users enjoy browsing and never consider venturing off the platform if the content is compelling enough it can result in highly targeted leads.

8. Metrics

One of the most important elements of any advertising campaign is metrics. It’s essential that businesses measure their performance so that they can make informed marketing decisions. With the help of pixels, Facebook gives businesses the ability to examine which of their campaigns are bringing in the most qualified leads and customers. The biggest benefit is that companies can cut down on their use of third party analytics software.

Krush Digital shows you how to advertise on facebook

9. Engagement

Business owners who want to nurture relationships with their customers often choose Facebook as their primary marketing channel because it encourages engagement. Constant engagement makes it difficult for customers to forget about the brand. Not only does it help to build more trust and rapport with current customers, but engagement also attracts new fans and followers to the page.

How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

If you’re wondering how to advertise on Facebook, you should put most of your efforts towards testing. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every brand, every brand has to A/B test to find out which methods and strategies work best for their company.

Do customers prefer video ads? When are they most active on Facebook? Do boosted posts result in qualified leads? If so, which ads performed the best? If not, what changes can be made to make the ads more appealing to the audience?

Business owners should also do their best to research their audience so that they can properly target them. What are their hobbies? What are their likes and dislikes? Is there a certain time of year that they’re more active on social media? If business owners want to learn how to advertise on Facebook, they should also take a close look at their competitors.


When it comes to advertising online, social media is one of the best options. Brands can increase their awareness, improve customer loyalty, and cut down on the costs that come along with traditional marketing methods. However, although there are several platforms to choose from, Facebook presents a unique opportunity for both established brands and startups.

Its built-in analytics and machine learning make it easier for business owners to target and convert customers. And the best part about it is that all of these features are right at the brand’s fingertips.

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