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Content Marketing Strategy and Why it’s Important in 2020

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Content is king in digital marketing. Consumers have become more revolutionized and demanding. They are slowly losing interest in sales pitches that only push them to buy a brand. They have now shifted focus to companies that deliver to relevant and valuable information. That is why content marketing is quickly gaining traction among marketers. Some have considered it the “only marketing left,” and others regard it as the “future of marketing.”

There wouldn’t be a better time to capitalize on content creation than in 2020. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to interact with customers on a one-on-one basis. They are restricted from leaving their homes due to regional lockdowns. The fear of infection is still looming, and many people have turned to alternative methods of shopping.

As consumers’ priorities and preferences shift, companies have been forced to change their digital marketing focus. But, the delivery of content is what creates a distinction between one company and another. It is the ultimate deal maker or a deal-breaker. This article will help answer the popular question of content marketing and the strategies required to succeed. It will also highlight five content strategies for marketers and companies and the importance of creating valuable online content.

Setting Goals and Doing It Right

Delving into the online space without goals can be detrimental to any digital marketing initiative. It is like starting off a journey with no destination in mind – the road can lead anywhere. The first step in achieving effective online marketing is setting out a strategic plan. This plan includes marketing goals and ways of achieving them. Marketing goals should be clear and linked to the company’s overall goals. In other words, they should affect the bottom line of the company.

Every piece of content created by a company should help it achieve its marketing goals. Besides that, goals need to be made transparent and collaborative. Members of a marketing team should be made aware of these goals. Plans should also be measured. Progress indicators of 0% to 100% can help to indicate whether goals are being attained or not. But more importantly, marketing goals made for 2020 need to be attainable and relevant. Very high goals might be unachievable this year due to imminent recessions on the horizon.

Knowing and Understanding the Audience

Finding a new audience is the ultimate goal of every content strategy. Therefore, it requires one to understand their audiences’ needs, problems, concerns, and lifestyle. Content created should customer-oriented and not company-oriented. It should be geared towards addressing their customer issues.

Every marketer should understand that not every person reading their content is a buyer. Some are potential customers seeking useful information online. By giving them the right content, such an audience can turn into loyal buyers. It begins with identifying the target audience – are they old or young, employed, or business people? This knowledge helps one to create content that the target audience is interested in.

Planning Content Production

Each customer is at a specific stage in the buying journey. For instance, some are in the awareness stage where they are getting to familiarize themselves with their needs or problems. Content produced for such people should revolve around their concerns – it should be informative and educative. On the other hand, pieces for people who are in the decision phase should help them determine why a specific brand is the best choice for them.

Once the content has been published, it may be repurposed or reformatted to fit well into the target audience’s different categories. For example, video, slideshow, and infographics may be incorporated into an article to make it more appealing to the readers, more so the younger ones. If a piece is enjoyable to read, the reader will likely come back and read another one.

Planning Content DistributionA photo of a person working on content marketing.

It is imperative to create great content, but equally important to use the right distribution channels. One should know where to find their target audience. There are many channels to distribute content online, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, podcasts, blogs, Instagram, and Youtube. Choosing the right channel is fundamental to successful online marketing.

With prior knowledge of the audience’s behavior, choosing a distribution channel should be easy. A marketer will, for instance, know where the target audience spends most of their time. As such, they will post content in online platforms with high chances of being seen by prospects. Social media demographics and analytics can go a long way in making this decision. They enable one to determine methods that make economic sense and help to achieve the set marketing goals.

Analyzing Content Performance

Effective online marketing involves determining the performance of a content strategy. In doing this, one can analyze how a plan performs and whether it is achieving its goals. This analysis provides valuable information on what kind of content engages the target audience in the best way. Subsequently, it enhances the creation of relevant content that is attractive and intriguing to the audience.

There are various types of metrics to measure the performance of a given content strategy. One of them is users’ behavior, including their bounce rates, pages per session, and unique visitors. Another essential measurement tool is engagement with a target audience through mentions, comments, shares, and likes on social media platforms. The content performance will also reflect on variation in company revenue.

Importance of Developing a Content Strategy

There are many benefits of creating valuable content for the online target audience. They include the following:
• Improving trust among consumers: If the content provides customers with valuable information, they will gain confidence with the brand. Educative content shows that the company is well versed in industry knowledge.
• Improving conversations with clients: By distributing online content, the company has an opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers. It can disburse valuable brand and company information to the masses. This can significantly influence the buying decision of potential customers.
• Improves SEO rankings: Through content creation, a company can optimize its SEO efforts. Visibility can be incredibly boosted if the content created is SEO friendly.
• Cost efficiencies: Creating content and posting it online is one of the cheapest digital marketing methods. The only costs involved are those of acquiring materials such as image software and word document programs. Therefore, this kind of marketing is affordable to all types of businesses, including small startups.
• Generation of leads: Content marketing is essential. A great way to generate new leads is through interactions and conversations with prospective clients. Lead generation is particularly essential for startups and small companies who desire to increase traffic to their businesses. The creation of useful content can help them generate leads that are of quality value.

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