Not Just A Recent Grad

You’ve landed your first job out of college and are beginning to notice that your co-workers and employers treat you like “a college grad with no experience.” This label may be true but as a new employee, you can’t let it define you. Such a stigma can hold you back from reaching your goals. It’s time to prove this label wrong.

So how do you overcome this disposition in your new job? First of all, it takes patience. You won’t understand all the systems or how the business works on your first day.  Actually, it’ll take about six months to a year until you get a full grasp and feel completely comfortable in your job.

Another element to keep in mind is flexibility. You don’t want to come off as a person who is only there for themselves. Be a team player. If your boss needs you to perform a job function that does not align with your job description, just do it! You’re the one needing to prove yourself in this new job.

You need to continually search for an opportunity to grow. Don’t ever get complacent. Whether that is undertaking a job function that isn’t in your description, reading articles and books relevant to your industry, professional development or getting out of your comfort zone and meeting others through networking events. You want to be a sponge in your industry and soak up all the knowledge you possibly can.
All of this trial and error you will be experiencing can put you down. An important point to remember when you are overcoming the “inexperienced recent college grad” stigma is to stay positive. Remember, you’re undergoing a lot of change. Although it can be frustrating, you are learning along the way! Keep asking questions if you don’t know the right answers because the phrase “fake it ’till you make it” can burn you if you are nowhere near being on the right track. This can be more embarrassing than just asking the question in the first place. You want to be confident in your job but not arrogantly confident because being arrogant can give you a more damaging label than the one you are trying to escape.

Finally, don’t let the fear of failing hold you back. You can’t have success without failure too. Failing will help you learn and make you a better employee when it’s all said and done. You’ll peel this label off in the work place in no time with these simple steps.