How To Krush Your Creative Block

It is no secret to creatives that the river of inspiration is not always constantly flowing. Every so often, for no particular reason, you run into the still, muddy pool of stale creative waters that can sometimes leave you feeling as though you’ve run completely dry of any spark of imagination whatsoever.  It is unpleasant and frustrating– but luckily, there are a few good ways to combat the inevitable occurrence of creative block so we can get those ideas flowing again.

Come at the problem with a new perspective.

When you sit and stare at a problem for so long and it feels like there are no answers, it helps to take a step back and adopt a new angle of whatever you are trying to understand or achieve.  When you hit that creative road block, there is always a different route around your obstacle. You just have to know when to reverse for a few miles and look for it!

Give yourself a deadline.

Ever notice that when you have a week to do something, it takes you a week, but when you have a day to do something… It takes you a day? Sometimes when you are having trouble getting started on a project all you need to do it set a deadline for yourself to lay on some pressure. Now, your adrenaline-induced productive state just might help you pump out all the ideas you could possibly need to move forward.

Take a mental break.

Creative block can be a bit overwhelming. Take a mental break for an hour or two and do something that gets you feeling happy and relaxed. Make a latte. Get some fresh air. Watch viral puppy videos. Then you can return to your problem refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to attack whatever confronts you.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and none of it seems to be curing your creative head cold, you should just view it as a way to grow. You WILL figure it out eventually, and when you do, overcoming that challenge will make it that much sweeter in the end. Everyone that has ever tried to create something totally awesome has run into creative block, so know that you’re not alone! With a little resilience, you’ll cross the finish line ahead of the pack.