Does Your Website Need Quality Content?

Is your website the on-line brochure for your business? I meet many people that say yes and the truth be told, I used to agree. But let’s walk through that on-line brochure of yours and determine what is really going on from your customer’s perspective.

We love SEO…. well actually let’s just say we enjoy doing it when we get to see our desired outcome become reality. As a SEO strategist we have to think like a customer. We think about the needs of the customer, motivation of the customer and search habits of the customer…. But when we really walk through the mind set of the customer we see the dynamics of how each customer is interacting with a website.

If you’ve ever tried a SEO strategy, hopefully you were given content to enhance your website. That content includes industry keywords your customers are searching and will help you reach your target geo location too. Think about it from your customer’s perspective. When a person begins a buying journey they begin a search in their memory trying to recall any previously known prospective solution to their need. Marketers have already determined decades ago that this is where your branding effort gives your business a boost. However, when that doesn’t pan out, or isn’t enough, a person will often begin searching for solutions on the internet. A customer begins with their preferred browser and search for “best home builder” or maybe “home builders in said area or neighborhood”, “voted best home builder”, “best value home builder” “home builders that use marble”… or whatever they seek in their next purchase. Then up pops the list of solutions. This is an endless list with probably 245,000 potential solutions and the search engine has tried to serve the user the most useful results first. Continue exploring the consumer buying journey and how internet search plays a major role when a customer begins their product solution search.

Once the customer decides on a title and brief description, they eagerly wait the next few seconds and hope your webpage is going to be the solution that they are seeking. This is the first impression and a personal moment between your business and the customer. You train your sales reps with the right words for the moment the customer walks through the door. So why wouldn’t your content go through that same training? If your content is relevant to the search of the customer, you now have a direct opportunity to draw your customer into an emotional connection. Perhaps your content is a direct reflection and solution for the exact words the customer typed. This would create a powerful bond between your business as a potential exact match with the needs of the customer. At this point you might offer solutions or additional ideas that might become the up-sell for your business transaction.
Maybe it’s time to re-think that brochure of yours as a salesperson on a never ending street with access to over 87% of every possible customer in town. What words would you arm that salesperson with to tell the story of your business and help drive customers through the door?
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