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In today’s digital world a website or a series of web designs are oftentimes the consumer’s only interaction with a brand. Moving customers through the website successfully is critical to the sales journey. Does your current website load quickly? Is the site adapted for mobile use? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the site look professional? Is the user experience set to maximize sales? If any of these questions aren’t answered with a “Yes!” within the first few seconds of a consumer’s interaction, your site can cost you business and actually drive customers to a competitor’s site that is more user-friendly.

The process of creating an effective website design, that includes a sales driven user experience, is much more than just designing a website that looks good. User experience, website speed, easily accessible content and a responsive website design are all crucial pieces of a sound online presence. A struggling website design and poor content can also impede SEO, SEM, and social media marketing efforts.

Customer intelligence software company VisionCritical forecasts that the customer experience provided by your website will be the most important branding feature, surpassing both price and product, by 2020. Users expect instantaneous gratification and ease of use when it comes to their online interactions. Effective website design services create sites that ensure positive experiences in each category.

how can effective web design elevate my online presence?

  1. User experience: Market research firm Econsultancy has found that 95% of consumers feel that a positive user experience is the most important factor when they visit a website. Our OKC website design services structure websites with the user in mind and create an information hierarchy that lays the ground work for success in other important digital areas.
  2. Website speed: Econsultancy reported that slow website speed results in over $2.5 billion of lost annual sales. If a website takes more than three seconds to load it is likely that the user will leave and visit another site. Not only will users leave your site, but Google examines site speed as a ranking factor when placing websites on search engine result pages. Our OKC website design services produce efficient websites that meet site speed standards.
  3. Credibility: While functionality is important, appearance is also incredibly impactful. The University of Surrey found that 75% of users judge your credibility based on your site’s design. Our OKC website design services combine form and function to create beautiful and effective websites.
  4. Responsive design: Google has found that 90% of consumers will visit the same site on multiple devices, which means that your website should be functional on a desktop, mobile, and tablet. Our OKC web design services create successful websites that work seamlessly across all platforms.
  5. Visibility: The effects of web design are far reaching and can impact your marketing efforts in other areas such as SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Our OKC website design services lay the ground work for success across a broad spectrum of marketing platforms.

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