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How to Make An Integrated Media Campaign

There is so much buzz running around about “integrated media plans”. What does that term really mean? By definition, integrated means, “to put together parts or elements to make them whole”. So how do you choose the right combination to create the perfect “integrated media campaign”? I’ve spent a couple decades as a seller of…

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Making Video Content More Engaging

Video content is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. Creating high quality videos for your brand may seem daunting, so here are some quick tips you can use right away to get great results! By the end of this blog, you’ll have several new techniques to utilize to make the video content…

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Crafting a PR Pitch

  Pitching can make or break a public relations professional. Writing with perfect grammar and prose is great, but if you can’t effectively pitch what you’ve written, then all the effort you put into your masterpiece is wasted. Avoid common pitching mistakes many new professionals make and excel at your pitching by taking our advice.…

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Don’t Slip SEO Rank With April Google Change

For the first time ever, Google has provided SEO experts advanced notice of a change coming April 21st and it’s a BIG One. Mobile continues to grow in importance and popularity for just about all advertisers. We are shifting the way we consume information and enjoy our free time. Cruising the internet on mobile or…

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SEO or PPC – Which is Better For Your Business?

The Differences between SEO and PPC – Let’s explore the differences between SEO and PPC. Both marketing platforms help businesses develop new customers and increase overall sales. What is SEO anyway? SEO is everything your business does to become seen and heard and perceived as the market leader online. We often explain to some of…

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Does your website need quality content?

Is your website the on-line brochure for your business? I meet many people that say yes and the truth be told, I used to agree. But let’s walk through that on-line brochure of yours and determine what is really going on from your customer’s perspective. We love SEO…. well actually let’s just say we enjoy…

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Digital Advertising

Many clients ask us about digital advertising. At Krush we consider this both digital display ads as well as search/keyword and all targeting ads. For ad agencies, we scratch our heads when contemplating a display ad strategy. Statistics for display advertising are not great. What does this really mean? Many publishers sell advertising time on…

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What Is SEO Anyway?

At Krush Digital, we have gone through phases on what we thought SEO was, is or will become. At one time we really thought it was the future of marketing… then we moved on to thinking it was voodoo and other bull that really didn’t do what it was supposed to for the amount people…

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