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Video continues to be the most credible, believable and memorable marketing vehicle of all time.

Consumers continue to devour video content at a record 7+ hours per day. Television, cable and online sources showcase video as the #1 preferred way we gather our news, information, and entertainment. YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the planet, second only to Google itself. 500 million people watch Facebook videos everyday. 50% of all shoppers are exposed to product demos or other video content before they make a purchase decision. By 2020 online video will account for more than 80% of consumer traffic on the internet.

With numbers like that, it is time to rethink your creative marketing strategy. If your plan doesn’t include a plan for video production services, your business may become obsolete. A video marketing strategy is becoming a necessity to grow your brand’s engagement and customer base. Video enables your business or organization to tell your story and affect all consumer senses. No other medium offers the instant credibility and emotional appeal with your audience that video does.

Compared to advertising with still graphics, video and animation opens completely new doors, and brings your brand to life. Video content is an excellent way for consumers to interact with the culture of your brand.

Animation livens up ads and elevates an experience on a website. Animated ads are more engaging than static graphics, and small moving parts on a website can be highly effective in creating conversions when compared non-interactive sites.

how do animation and video production services enhance your business?

  1. Engage your viewers: Compared to static graphics, video and animation are a much more effective way of grabbing the attention of the viewers and keeping it. Engage your audience and bring your brand to life with our creative animation and video production services OKC.
  2. Build awareness: According to Wordstream, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined. Let our animation and video peoduction services OKC create shareable content that will generate leads and top of mind awareness.
  3. Maximize your ROI: According to HubSpot, 52% of marketers say that video content produces the highest return on investment above any other form of content. Let our animation and video production services OKC maximize your marketing dollars.

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